The Life Of Instagram Influencers - earnings, trends and more!

The Life Of Instagram Influencers - earnings, trends and more!
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I recently shared an infographic titled The Reality Of An Influencers Earnings on Huffington Post. It was a deep dive into the rise of Social Media stars, along with the challenges they face along the way. The two biggest platforms that ‘influencers’ emerged from in 2016 were YouTube and Instagram. If you’re a trending YouTuber, or aspire to be one, you can find specifics about your social career here. If you’re passionate about Instagram then you might fancy reading the infographic below.

I've had many requests from Instagrammers over the last month, mostly around understanding their suggested rates and influencer scores - which is what we do over at Webfluential. To answer all those questions in one place I decided to create another infographic. Instagram is by far my favourite social platform, and one I believe more and more brands will learn to appreciate over the next few years. The key to success will be creating content that benefits consumers first, and then brands - that is where Influencers will play a key role in the future of advertising.

But enough about brands, lets dig deeper into the life of an Instagrammer!

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