The Lifting of International Economic and Financial Sanctions of the Islamic Republic

My Fellow Compatriots,‎

The lifting of international economic and financial sanctions, which were imposed on ‎the people of Iran as a result of provocative and destabilizing policies of the ‎theocratic regime, could be a reason to rejoice.‎

The regime's track record demonstrates its sole pursuit of self-interest and self-‎preservation, rather than national interests. Now, after inflicting various calamities ‎on the Iranian people, we are witnessing the regime's retreat, and once again (as ‎Khomeini first said) had to drink poison from the chalice. ‎

It has been the longstanding policy of Islamic Republic to take hostages or exchange ‎Iranian-Americans hostages to win financial concessions from the West, in order to ‎expand the sphere of the Islamic revolution in the region and beyond.‎

Today, we may imagine that by the removal of economic sanctions there could be a ‎window of opportunity for the oppressed people of Iran. However, it is obvious to ‎everyone, that the unfreezing of assets belonging to the people of Iran, will be ‎effectively controlled by a regime that has neither the ability to govern nor the ‎nation's interest in mind. ‎

Now, it is time to follow our national aspirations and not to forget that the Iranian ‎people deserve a place among the top twenty nations in the world. Our nation ‎should not be, and is not satisfied with the minimum which the theocratic regime has ‎imposed on it for years.‎

It is time to look far beyond receiving minimum government subsidies, and at the ‎prospects of 'equality, welfare and security' for all Iranians.‎

Now, it is time to take significant steps towards the realization of our national ‎aspirations and interests. We shall join forces to continue our shared struggle with ‎decisiveness to rebuild our beloved homeland. At this critical juncture, every ‎Iranian has the obligation to contribute towards protecting our national interests, ‎and to demand our inalienable rights with the intention of forcing the theocratic ‎regime to retreat once again.‎

Reza Pahlavi

President of the Iran National Council