The Light of the Party - Celebrating the Holidays Consciously

"Understanding is Light & Light is knowledge." A Course in Miracles

Now that the Holidays are in full swing the alcohol is flowing day and night, making it a time of many late nights & blurry mornings.

I used to spend just as much time planning my drinking as I did cooking & hosting. I always made sure there was enough to keep me at the "tipsy" point no matter happened or who said what. I was going to stay in my happy zone regardless. The truth is I allowed it to be my 2 week pass of over consuming then I'd start fresh on New Year's Day like everyone else. I'd start with a few ciders while cooking and by the time dessert came, it was wine or whatever. This was a tradition. This is was my normal.

When I decided to allow my True Self to emerge, I knew I had to stop drinking. I had had a certain level of success yet I knew I had more to share so I made the conscious spiritual choice to quit. My choice to stop drinking made others uncomfortable. It made me uncomfortable, I didn't know how to be without alcohol, yet I knew it would heal me. Asking myself the deep questions, why, what & how. Society plays a big part in the drinking culture, it is the most available drug worldwide and not a celebration goes by without it.

Now in my second year of sober celebrations I'd like to share some insight & inspiration on ways to enjoy this season consciously.

I came across an article recently that got me thinking about the spiritual & emotional toll alcohol took on me. According to "The Guardian", women are drinking are as much as men. This is also increasing the number of health issues women are having related to drinking including breast cancer and other physical, emotional, mental & spiritual effects. The current drinking culture is based in habit not pleasure.

Famed actress, Elizabeth Pena, died at age 55 from complications of alcoholism. Prolonged excessive drinking effects women much faster than men. The rise drinking women also brings other conditions & experiences because studies show women drink for different reasons than men. There is a secret shame of excessive drinking that no one talks about.

Uncovering the reasons why women drink lead me to some amazing insight & healing. There are connections between motherhood, women in male dominated industries, college culture & self esteem. The growing culture of "wine & mom" gatherings has tripled. There is a Facebook group with over 650k members called "Moms Who Need Wine" which portrays wine as a harmless way to deal with motherhood & living.

Women who over consume present a completely different set of emotions than men. Although the number #1 reason people drink is to "escape". Where exactly is where it differs. Women consume to "feel" better, a perceived idea of calmness & clarity yet creates a dramatic shift in behavior. The secret shame women carry from overindulging grows faster because of the idea of "losing control" and the perceived idea of being a "good girl". These days it is common to see women in films, TV and in media behaving badly from alcohol fueled drama. Many reality shows create this kind of situation with dollars from liquor distributors & sponsors.

Being the life of the party used to be my thing, I love to dance & often spent hours on the dance floor always with a glass of sparkly in my hand. I loved connecting to people & often went out of my way to make others feel comfortable, by the end of most outings I always made new friends.

2012 Kiev, Ukraine
Viewing party for the “International Psychic Battle STB TV, Season 11” I placed #3 in the world.  Nvyky Pl
2012 Kiev, Ukraine Viewing party for the “International Psychic Battle STB TV, Season 11” I placed #3 in the world. Nvyky Plaza Hotel

Now, I am the Light at the party. Now, I can "see" every person I meet & they can "see" me. Renewed clarity & deeper insight has kept me from even "wanting" a drink. I have often said "alcohol is my kryptonite", taking away my super power of sight. Once I realized it did not take my power, I gave it, I was set free. What's your kryptonite? Where have you given away your power?

Take the time to examine the reasons & when you consume, there maybe be a healing opportunity. Perhaps a cleanse of break can provide clarity as we approach the New Year. Here are are a few ways to enjoy yourself consciously without cocktails.

" perceiving light, darkness automatically disappears." A Course in Miracles

  • Volunteer. When you Serve you ignite compassion & gratitude. Serotonin, the natural high, will give you more than joy than any cocktail can.
  • Host a drink free zone Beauty night/sleepover. Let the REAL bonding & connections flow. A deep spiritual experience awaits. Magic happens when women come together.
  • Book a spiritual Coaching, Tarot Reading or Healing. Receiving insight into your issues urges clarity. Seeking shows the Universe you are ready for change, so,it will support you in every way.
  • See your body as a temple. The practice of physical exercise promotes "feel good" from within which creates & attracts an energy field of good juju. When you feel,good everyone around you does too.
  • Be the Designated Driver. Save a life.
  • Babysit. Make some cash & set up a drop off spot for your friends with kids or host a Teen zone for your tween family. Automatic Karma credits.
  • Pray. Mediate. Affirm. Then listen. The answer you seek will come only with clarity. Go clean to get clear.

This Holiday season doesn't have to be like the others, set a new tradition for yourself, one that Lights YOU up & is life affirming. Once you know yourself, you know.

“It is perfectly clear because it exists in light” A Course in Miracles


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