The Lightness of Letting Go

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Infinita” from the series Silentia | by


It is not the things you carry with you, but the things you leave behind that help you grow.

It is not about what you hold, but what you permit to pass right through you. It is not about the person you became, but the potential to reach your real nature. It is about the ability to grow bigger than anything that defines you and the ability to defy everything that limits you. For it is not about the things you believe about the world. It is about what the world has yet to show you.

Letting go is not a practice. It is not something you do but something that occurs naturally. It is something inherent in your real nature. What you are able to practice are only the methods that will help you reach back to this natural state. But once this state is reached you won't need to put any more effort. There will be nothing left to practice.

Letting go is not a skill you develop but a state you get to realize. The effort is needed only when you first try to break through your past. Even this effort though is only needed because the mind will be still holding to past ideas. You may be still using your conditioning, without realizing in what extent. When this conditioning seize, your effort will also seize.

This conditioning lies inside the mind. When you think of something, your mind creates a strong connection with it. You identify yourself with that thought and you claim it as an aspect of yourself. It becomes an intimate part of yours and you can feel its impact down to our heart. The heart takes responsibility for these thoughts and reacts by creating emotions. As a result you feel joy or sadness, relief or stress. Thoughts are conditioning your life.

You may address this whole process as an integral part of your inner world. An expression of your personality. This is the conditioning. You are conditioned to identify yourself with the activity that takes place inside the mind. When this activity is taken over by negative thoughts and feelings you suffer. You may think of it as an expression of your personality and you try to learn how to live with your inherent dissatisfaction. Until you reach a point and you decide that this was enough.

The first and most crucial step is to decide that you want to be free. Everything in this world is driven by desire, including the realization of your freedom. This desire will make its appearance someday in your life. It will come naturally, straight from your heart. Maybe you reached a limit inside of you and you couldn't handle any more pain. Or maybe you had to face a great change and you wanted to overcome the fear once and for all. Maybe you became so unsatisfied with your life that you started wondering how to make a drastic shift, or it could have been an event that caused a powerful reaction. No matter the cause, the reason is always the same. You want to be free.

The more you desire to be free the easier it is to let go of everything. Being free is also a desire that your mind will identify itself with. Take claim of this desire, promise to yourself the freedom it wishes for. Create the ambition that you will make it all the way. Let yourself soak into this promise. It will become so strong that it will burn away every other desire you may be keep holding inside of you. Gradually your mind will abandon its old practices. No more effort will be needed. The mind will walk outside the door it opened itself. The door of freedom.

Letting go is the natural expression of your freedom. You are not free because you let things go. You are able to let things go because you are already complete, you are perfect, you are free. You are all of these things, exactly this moment, right now. When you realize the nature of letting go, your mind naturally escapes the patterns of the past. With the mind balanced, the intensity of your inner activity seizes, causing no more emotional reactions anymore.

Letting go means leaving everything behind. It means that you don't hold to our past. You let every experience pass right through you, without any kind of interference from your side. You realize that this kind of interference is exactly what generates the patterns you wish to escape from. It is this interference that creates the instability of your emotional status. You let go of every thought and every feeling that is bound to make you suffer. You don’t judge them, you only observe them as they pass. You let go of all the obstacles that hold you back. You let go of everything that disturbs your natural balance. You abandon all the insisting thoughts that persistently occupy your mind.

You let go of the idea of a future that will have the shape of your past. You remain open, you let go of everything that limits our potential. You leave behind everything that wastes the precious time you have while you are still alive. You let go of everything that blocks your view, as you gaze at the infinity that lies inside of you. And as the horizon clears, you leave behind all these thoughts that used to hurt your heart.

Just like a mirror doesn’t hold to every image that is reflected on its surface, you let go of every fleeting thought and sensation. You let your mind merge with the heart.

There is only magic waiting for you there.

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