'The Lion King' Trailer Drops During Oscars And The Winner Is... Us

The live-action/CGI remake roars into theaters in July.

“The Lion King” trailer premiered during the Oscars Sunday, whetting fans’ appetites for the mane event.

The preview of the live-action/CGI remake visited the iconic scene in which Rafiki holds Simba aloft, while offering striking detail of the animal kingdom that the popular tale inhabits.

The clip didn’t appear to include much new footage beyond a previous teaser, but just hearing “It is time” makes us roar in anticipation for the July 19 release.

The animated 1994 original grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide and spawned a hit stage musical.

But “The Lion King” redux will have to wait until after another legendary beast in Disney’s menagerie, “Dumbo,” flies into theaters on March 29.

Check out “The Lion King” trailer above.

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