The Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Book Has Arrived -- And It's Only $3

A small price to pay for a relaxing artistic journey to '90s town.

It seems like just June 27 when I first learned that a Lisa Frank adult coloring book was "coming soon," on its merry way to de-stressing cranky millennials around the globe with some black-and-white ballerina bunnies, frisky kitties and psychedelic dolphins.

And now, just like that, the book is out there. Color Me Lisa Frank is real, people. And according to this Instagram post, it's only $3. 

We all know coloring is good for the mind, body and soul, and just because you've graduated from elementary school doesn't mean you have to put your handy crayons to rest. Adults reap all the same benefits as children when it comes to creative expression, and the added nostalgia triggered by coloring only helps grown ups revisit their childhood selves, when their biggest worry was whether or not snack would be good that day. 

Lisa Frank junkies, coloring aficionados, tiny magic puppies masquerading as everyday humans: Get yourself to a Dollar General ASAP. The magic of Ms. Frank awaits you. 



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