'Little Women' Reboot May Star Laura Dern, Meryl Streep And We're Unwell

Greta Gerwig's adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott novel features an all-star cast.

The Dern-aissance continues!

Director Greta Gerwig has reportedly nabbed Laura Dern for her upcoming movie adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel Little Women, adding to the project’s list of powerhouse stars. 

The Hollywood Reporter first reported that Dern would join the Sony and Columbia Pictures project. 

Fans of the story and Dern are over the moon about it:

Last month, it was announced that Gerwig would be working with Saoirse Ronan, Timothée Chalamet, Emma Stone and Meryl Streep on a new screen adaptation of the novel. Unlike 1994′s version starring Winona Ryder, Christian Bale, Susan Sarandon and Kirsten Dunst, Gerwig’s “Little Women” will cover the second half of Alcott’s book, following the March sisters as they become young adults.  

The ’90s iteration of “Little Women” featured the March family ― sisters Amy, Jo, Beth and Meg ― and their mother in Civil War-era Massachusetts. The women deal with the trials and tribulations of growing older, illness, poverty, and relationships while the sisters’ father (and their mother’s husband) is off at war.

With the remake’s star-studded cast, we can only hope that the ’90s March family members ― Kirsten Dunst, Winona Ryder, Claire Danes, and Susan Sarandon ― will make some cameos.



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