The Look On Randy Moss’ Face While Trent Dilfer Talks Kaepernick Is Priceless

The internet had a field day.

If looks could kill ...

There might be a few ways to interpret Randy Moss’ expression toward Trent Dilfer on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown,” but there’s just no ignoring the intensity of Moss’ gaze.

As former QB Dilfer accused Colin Kaepernick of putting himself before his team with his national anthem protest, former receiver Moss looked like he was hitting Dilfer with a death stare. Or, as For The Win put it, “shooting him a dagger.”

Dilfer added that Kaepernick is a backup quarterback “whose job is to be quiet and sit in the shadows.”

If the eyes were the window to Moss’ soul, his soul might be really pissed off. Let’s see what some of the internet saw:

Here’s a longer version of Dilfer’s comments. Yep, Moss’s seemingly angry face wasn’t about to go away.