Meet The Animated Gay Dads Who'll Make Their Nickelodeon Debut

"The Loud House" will feature a same-sex, biracial couple on Wednesday's episode.

Nickelodeon is set to break fresh ground by introducing a married, biracial gay couple on Wednesday’s episode of the animated series, “ The Loud House.”

In the July 20 episode, “Overnight Success,” 11-year-old Lincoln Loud invites his friend, Clyde McBride, over to his house for a sleepover. When Clyde arrives at the Loud house, he is accompanied by his two dads, Harold (voiced by Wayne Brady) and Howard McBride (Michael McDonald).

A short snippet from the upcoming episode was posted on Twitter.

As the clip shows, the episode doesn’t make a big deal out of the McBrides’ sexuality or their race. Instead, it will simply focus on how overprotective they are ― not unlike heterosexual parents.

A Nickelodeon representative confirmed to The Huffington Post that the July 20 episode of “The Loud House” would feature same-sex parents, but did not comment further.

We’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see how it all plays out, but kudos to the “Loud House” creators for giving same-sex parents some much-needed representation in the cartoon world.

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