The Trailer For The New Series On Roger Ailes Will Give You Chills

“We’re way past politics. It’s war.”

The story of Roger Ailes’ creation of the “fair and balanced” Fox News empire is getting a Showtime spin, with a mini-series focused on the man set to premiere on June 30.

A teaser was released Tuesday for “The Loudest Voice,” an adaptation of Vanity Fair correspondent Gabriel Sherman’s similarly titled book, which tracks Ailes’ tenure as the CEO of the cable news network that he fashioned into a TV ratings dynamo. And if the preview clips are any indication, his take-no-prisoners style and salacious behavior toward women get a full treatment.

Ailes is played by a notably made-up Russell Crowe, who dons a bald cap, gold-rimmed glasses and what are likely some prosthetic pounds for the part.

“We’re going to give them a vision of the world they want it to be,” Crowe says as Ailes in the trailer to the furious plucking of violins. “We’re way past politics. It’s war.”

The clip also features Naomi Watts as Gretchen Carlson, the channel’s former “Fox & Friends” co-host who accused Ailes of sexual harassment and claimed in a lawsuit against him that her rejection of his advances got her fired.

Carlson’s misconduct allegations, echoed by at least 20 additional women including one-time star anchor Megyn Kelly who eventually left her post at Fox News, ushered in Ailes’ ouster in 2016. The cable giant died in 2017 at age 77, less than a year after his separation from the company.

Other characters featured in the series are his spouse, Elizabeth (Sienna Miller), Ailes’ former senior adviser Brian Lewis (Seth MacFarlane), and News Corp head Rupert Murdoch (Simon McBurney).