The Love Longer KC Project: Why You Need to Know About It

On the afternoon of August 24, a local radio station in Kansas City decided it was going to do something about all of the hateful billboards they had been seeing in and around the city in regards to homophobia. The station, 96.5 The Buzz, decided they wanted to put up their own billboard. The message was very simple: Be Kind.

Instead of using money that the station had, the employees of The Buzz decided they wanted it to be about the people of Kansas City coming together to make this happen themselves. They started a KickStarter the same day. The original goal was seven thousand dollars, which was equivalent to the cost of one billboard. In less than an hour afterwards, they had already reached their goal.

The station has what it calls a "Buzz Family" comprised of listeners who, on various outlets of social media, interact with one another about upcoming concerts, getting together and hanging out, as well as things discussed on the radio show, such as Love Longer KC. Social media was buzzing (no pun intended) with listeners from all over the Kansas City area who loved the idea of blocking out the negativity with something positive. As of the evening of August 25th, the stations has already raised over fourteen thousand dollars, making it possible for two billboards to go up in the city. Each person that donates name will go up on the billboards, showing that it was a city-wide effort to make this happen.

This act of pure love, pure kindness... Is what we as not just a city, not just as a state, but as a country need to be doing more of to make everyone feel equally loved. Instead of spreading words of hate, spreading words of acceptance. All it takes is pulling people together in the love and equality to make a difference.

Can this particular instance in Kansas City spark other radio stations to participate in a similar act? When we go on road trips, instead of seeing all the negative ads, can we see rainbow colored ones spreading kindness and love? I urge all of you to share this article, to let people know that a city can bring people together in ways you've never thought of. I urge you to find it in your hearts to find love and acceptance for all.

Kudos to 96.5 The Buzz for using it's influence in KC to spread love and kindness, not negativity and hate.