The Love Of A Master

The Love Of A Master - what exactly does that mean?

‘Master’ conjures up different meanings for different people. Here the subject is enlightenment. What is enlightenment? Awareness. How does a mere mortal guide another mere mortal to achieve enlightenment? Who helps you to know yourself, discover yourself, bring you into the full fruition of your authenticity, make you aware, so that you are at home in your own skin. The Love Of A Master is that journey.

The author was groomed by Hollywood’s top agent to be the next big movie star – appeared in big name, big budget productions and poised for more, walked away from the ‘dream’ business and stepped into reality. As James Baldwin said, paraphrased a bit – “there is a terror that has something to do with that irreducible gap between the self one invents, Nick Corri a stage name, the self one takes oneself as being, - Jsu Garcia the provisional self, the name he gave himself, and the undiscoverable self that always has the power to blow the provisional self to bits.” That essentially is the thrust of The Love Of A Master, how Jesus Garcia blew his provisional self to bits and became ‘Zeus’. Zeus is what John-Roger nicknamed him as Jesus grew to be aware of his undiscoverable self at his master’s side for twenty-six glorious years.

The author was and is a charismatic seeker; he was working steadily, in demand but the work wasn’t working for him. He looked for ‘it’ in work, in drugs, in alcohol and in women, found ‘it’ in John-Roger and then in everyone. He found himself, a role so authentic it paled next to movie characters. He had read John-Roger’s writings by randomly picking up a frayed copy in a bookstore. The writings spoke to him. When he saw John-Roger they connected the way one serendipitously connects with someone they’ve never met but know. Life with John-Roger became this book, a treatise on knowing yourself by someone who was blessed to be guided every step of the way by John-Roger, a master to many.

Many people think a master converts you to his way of thinking, you drink their Kool-Aid – the author is not talking about this kind of experience. John-Roger unlocked what was already there inside, unleashed that force of nature that is inside of the author and indeed, inside of us all. John-Roger spoke of knowing by your own experience; the author, in the time and place to reap the benefit of experiencing John-Roger, at the same time experienced himself. Is it a path less traveled by, yes but that doesn’t mean it’s unnavigable. He writes to make sense of his life for himself and to share what he has learned for others who perhaps don’t have a teacher at their right-hand side or maybe do but don’t recognize the person as yet.

That the author undertook to write of his twenty-six years at John-Roger’s side after his death marks the first word and the last. Grief is present and palpable. How do you go on after losing the person who meant the world to you, your home, and your work because the subject of that work is no longer here, the home is no longer to be? James Baldwin expresses loss thus: “it is far from uncommon to go to bed one night or wake up one morning or simply walk through a door one has known all one’s life and discover, between inhaling and exhaling that the self one has sewn together is perhaps unusable, is gone; and out of what raw material will one build a self again?”

This is the beauty of this lovely book and of John-Roger and Jesus Garcia – the love of this master is the tool, the material, to construct that self again and again and again, as we must do in life over and over and over with an ease knowing you know the essence of Self in you and in others. By his experience you can see the guideposts for yourself especially since there are few masters among us, and access is narrow. Here the teachings and the learning from the student is a double whammy you can experience as a guide. In The Love Of A Master the words of the Beatles – ‘All You Need Is Love’ come to life. The Love Of A Master is available thru Amazon.

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