The Love Relationship Of Your Entrepreneurial Life or How To Nail Your Brand From The Inside Out


Choosing your brand is like choosing a lover.

You know, the one that you have been searching for endlessly and tirelessly, trying and learning, rising and falling, getting the glimpses of it and losing it again only to find yourself searching again.

But how you choose is not an outside search, an imaginary destination that you just have to plow your way through.

How you choose your brand is not a Pinterest exercise or a mood board alone.

How you choose your brand is not a website with a logo, which you like, oh ok maybe love...for a day, week or a month.

How you choose your brand is not just following strategies and recommendations.

And as much as I support strategy, learning and nailing your color story and message down, I want to approach your brand as a journey of discovery, rather a journey of perfection, a dive into unknown waters to explore, rather a fall into the ocean to try and not drown.

Choosing your brand is choosing you.

And it is not just choosing you, but finding out who you are. First you have to know yourself, deep, intimate, with the good, bad and ugly. With the falls and triumphs. First you have to learn to be yourself and know what that really means.

Choosing your brand is choosing your story.

We all have a story, message and lessons to share. Yours are not smaller or bigger than others, they are just this....yours. Choosing your story is looking back at your life, as if you are a child exploring a labyrinth full of diamonds, tears, joy and breakthroughs. Choosing your story is connecting the dots of what brought you where you are today and seeing this as a path of life rather than a mistake or misfortune.

Choosing your brand is choosing your values.

Your values and the combination of them is unique. And it stems from what you truly believe this world ought to look like, feel like and behave like. Your values stem from your heart, that place which is always pure and full of hope and desire, though forgotten at times.

Choosing your brand is choosing your mission.

We all want to change the world. And honestly, we change the world everyday by changing ourselves first and foremost. Improving your own views, actions and emotions already makes the world a different place than yesterday. And following your mission to help, serve, improve and enrich the world, with your own message and unique offerings is what creates the mission of your brand.

Choosing your brand is choosing courage.

Courage, which shows you the high hills that you not only want to conquer but jump from. Courage, which makes every step a bit harder but a bit bigger, every breath the same and yet different, every day just an addition to the rest and yet a new beginning. Courage, which puts you in the spotlight of your own eyes, judgement and criticism. Courage, which allows you to choose to praise yourself and move forward.

Choosing your brand is choosing your voice.

Your voice, which is different than any other yet holds a resemblance to so many. Developing this voice to express your truth. The truth you live and walk by. The truth that you discover and cultivate for yourself every day. A voice which can not be made quieter even if it was silenced by the noise around. A voice which leads and nurtures, showing the world exactly the message you came to share.

Choosing your brand is choosing to take the mask off.

A mask you are hiding behind with the fear that you will not be approved of, accepted or loved. A mask, which only stops your true expression and cultivates the fear even stronger. A mask, which prevents you from helping others, serving others, following your passions and fulfilling your mission.

Choosing your brand is choosing to love yourself.

Love yourself for all that you are. Love the deep darkness you have been into and love the light that you have discovered. Love the moments of defeat and the moments of victory. Love yourself enough that you feel you are deserving. Love yourself enough that you feel you are worthy. Love yourself enough that you feel you are capable. Love yourself enough that you feel you are strong. Love yourself enough to say no. Love yourself enough to choose yourself.

And in that choosing yourself, comes the clarity and the wisdom and the courage to go and choose your brand.

Once you choose yourself, you choose authenticity.

Once you choose yourself, you choose your path.

Once you choose yourself, you choose dignity.

Once you choose yourself, you choose integrity.

And once you choose yourself and choose to love yourself you can choose your brand and start loving it.

Loving your brand inside and out, as it is all you. Creating a romance, as if you were choosing a lover.