The Lumineers & Grammys: No Wins At The 2013 Grammy Awards

The Lumineers were up for their first Grammy awards at Sunday's 55th Annual Grammys.

The band was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Americana Album but ended the night empty-handed. For Best New Artist, The Lumineers were up against Alabama Shakes, Frank Ocean, fun., and Hunter Hayes. For Best Americana Album, "The Lumineers" was competing with The Avett Brothers' "The Carpenter," Bonnie Raitt's "Slipstream," John Fullbright's "From the Ground Up," and Mumford & Sons' "Babel."

Last week, the band’s lead singer Wesley Schultz told Patch he didn't expect to win.

“If we win a Grammy, we’ll have the worst speech in Grammy history,” he said. “We’re not really expecting to win. We are pretty honored to be nominated, that’s pretty shocking in itself.”

"The Lumineers" is the band's debut studio album. Released in April, the album saw strong commercial performance and positive critical reception.

The Lumineers also performed at the awards show, playing their hit single, "Ho Hey."

The Lumineers' drummer Jeremiah Fraites spoke with HuffPost about the band's Grammy nominations in December. "For me, if we win, I don’t want to do anything different," he said. "And if we lose, I don’t want to feel sad about it. I want to try to maintain a personal kind of barometer or compass and know our own value. If we win, that would be amazing, but if we don’t win, I don’t want to feel like, this was all for nothing. It’s been a great year, we still have a great album and we still have a lot more music to write."

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards took place on Feb. 10. LL Cool J hosted the show at Los Angeles' Staples Center.

Grammy Awards 2013
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