Battle Of The Purim Songs (VIDEOS)

Battle Of The Purim Songs (VIDEOS)

In late November, a group of harmonizing Yeshiva University students achieved over-night Internet fame with "Candlelight," their Hanukkah-themed remix of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite."

Now, commemorating yet another miraculous escape for eternal annihilation, Jewish a cappella Internet sensations The Maccabeats are back with "Purim Song."

UPDATE: But, it seems, they aren't alone. An Israeli a cappella group, The Fountainheads, released their own Purimified version of Pink's "Raise Your Glass," cleverly titled, "Raise Your Masks," just days before The Maccabeats.

So what do you think: Does this new Purim spoof top The Maccabeats' Hanukkah debut?

And of the two competing interpretations, do The Fountainheads or The Maccabeats reign supreme?

MARCH 9 UPDATE: One reader has pointed out that The Fountainheads' video was uploaded at the end of February and first promoted soon thereafter -- scooping The Maccabeats by a full week, rather than "just days," as previously reported.


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