The Main Event: 5 Fundamentals Every Planner Must Know

Every successful event planner is a stickler for details. But what about the newbies who find it difficult to transition from the micro view to the macro? Growing a successful event planning business is certainly not for the faint of heart. Mr. Larry White Sr., CEO and Founder of VIPeVENTS Concierge, @VIPConcierge_LW, an event planning and services company, specializes in providing his clients with an unforgettable experience that results in greater relationships, opportunities and revenues.

"Be intentional on who you want to meet and connect with. Networking should be purposeful and link you to like-minded individuals in order to add maximum value to your overall event."

Mr. White pulls from 25 years of professional networking experience and shares key insights and essentials on how to host successful events and build sustainable relationships. Here are 5 must-know quick tips:

1. Be Intentional in deciding which community partners and corporate sponsors to connect with to foster mutually beneficial relationships.

2. Know the target audience of your client. Remember, you are serving the interest of your clients, and not your own.

3. Have a strong social media presence. In order to fill seats at events, you must invest time, energy and resources into growing your online platforms.

4. Establish a core leadership team. Teamwork makes the dream work!

5. Attend networking events at least monthly or quarterly with a variety of corporate and outreach initiatives.