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The Main Reason We Compare Ourselves -- My Awakening That I Am Enough -- Are You?

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"Comparison is the thief of joy!" According to an article I read the other day. For me it was a great awakening that I spend too much time comparing myself to others rather than being immensely proud of myself for who I am, what I stand for and what I have achieved.

Where are you heading on YOUR journey?

Recently I have noticed on social media the number of people comparing themselves to others, shouting from the roof tops that they had all the answers for a work life balance, that their business package would be best suited for you, that if you are new to your profession you should do X, Y or Z. Some posts shared vulnerability that they weren't achieving as much as others and didn't perceived themselves as successful - they felt disappointed and deflated. I guess I wondered why are we all trying to mould ourselves to fit into one model? What happened to choice and individuality? What happened to creating our own journey?

Are you living life through your own values?

Isn't the point of being authentic to live life through our own values and be who we want to be? Following our own dreams and goals and taking our career's in the direction that works for us so that we are recognised for who we really are and the brand we create? What happened to living life on purpose - not that of the post you saw yesterday and trying to fit into it like a square peg in a round hole?

My take home message from the article is when using social media to boost your own motivation ensure that you seek favourable comparisons if you want to feel happier, and seek unfavourable comparisons if you want to stretch yourself. Most importantly it's to remember YOU are an INDIVIDUAL!

So I ask you to take a moment and consider:

What's your take on comparison and what is the one thing you could do today that supports BEING YOU - not comparing yourself to others? and who is keeping you accountable?

Here's some ideas:

1) Sit down with a large sheet of paper and note down your values - the things that really matter to you. For what you want in life and what you want to achieve. Notice here the emphasis is on you - because after all, you matter. Now take the top 5 values and write them on a piece of paper, save them as a desk top reminder on your PC/laptop or on your phone or place on your fridge door so that once a week you can check in with how you are serving these. It's a great way of keeping the comparison gremlins at bay and focusing on reality and the truth of who you are.

2) Create a vision board or statement that captures what you want from your own personal journey. Consider why it matters to you and take a few moments to really lock in how that feels. By doing so, you can call upon this energy and feeling whenever you need to. Make sure you display your board somewhere where you will notice it regularly.

3) Remember:

"You are enough - just as you are - at this very moment in time"

So practice self compassion, take time to celebrate the successes of what you have achieved and channel a gratitude attitude.


Finally remember life is for living- so get out there and enjoy your journey - really connect with the present and channel joy and gratitude of every experience you have. After all it's your experience, no one else's - so no need to compare it.