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The Major Coat Mistake You Might Be Making

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Hey, style-conscious friends. Remember when we chatted about the genius styling trick for your ankle boots?

Today, let's discuss our coats. Specifically that back vent where the two panels of fabric open up.


Did you know that you're supposed to remove the little "X" tacking stitches from the store? Sorry, we'll rephrase. Did you maybe forget to remove the little "X" tacking stitches from the store?

Before the lot of you roll your eyes because of couuuurse you're doing it right, consider this: It happens far more than you think. In fact, we noticed the faux pas on a major fashion blogger's outfit post recently. (Who is it? We're too classy to tell.)

Please...please...please cut those little stitches off all your coats. They're there to keep the fabric panels from creasing in the store. And the vents are there to keep your swishy strut in check.

And isn't that the whole point of your fire plaid statement coat in the first place? Let it live free.