The Major Concern With The Phone Call With Taiwan

The Biggest Problem with the Phone Call with Taiwan is that we have to rely on what was said from a proven Pathological Liar –our President-elect. We are already beginning to see why Trump is considered Unfit and he has yet to take the Oath of Office. Trump’s immediate response to his phone conversation with the President of Taiwan was in the form of a question asking why it was so wrong to accept a congratulatory call from a country we provide Billions of dollars to in Aid. He is the first Leader, albeit the President-elect, to have a conversation with a Leader of Taiwan since 1979 because when we recognized China we also recognized China as one China without an exception to Taiwan. Trump is a diplomatic neophyte obviously without any understanding of the sensitive balancing act the United States maintains in dealing with China while keeping Taiwan secure in the knowledge that the United States is their ultimate protector against Chinese aggression.

Trump as President-elect has made international waves with that phone call especially in view of how he trashed China continually during his Campaign. Trump now has the world, including China, wondering if the call is an indication of Policy change that could have repercussions and even consequences because of his impromptu phone call. Of course, his spin team would not want the world to believe that Trump does things without giving full thought to potential consequences so they take the position, which is even worse, that the call was planned. We will never know the truth because whatever our President-elect usually says is not reliable.

Trump has also had a conversation with the new Leader of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte and congratulated him on his harsh violent anti-drug Policy that has resulted in Duterte’s government killing thousands of suspected drug dealers and drug dependent Users. The entire civilized world has condemned Duterte’s killing of thousands of people, and our President-elect congratulates him and invites Duterte to attend his Inauguration in January. Trump has been described as a “bull in a china shop” as he violates established State Department Protocol Policies in reaching out to Leaders around the world.

Trump is Trump and he is what he is and if his actions come as a surprise to people then they obviously were not observing him and listening to what he was saying along the Campaign Trail. It’s obvious whenever something occurs that displeases Trump, like the recent Saturday Night Live skit that mocked Trump and his Twitter nonsense, you can almost always count on a knee-jerk reaction from Trump saying something totally stupid. He trashed the skit and Alec Baldwin as not being funny when in reality it was one of the funniest skits of the year, however, it did bruise the thin skin of our President-elect to the point he was unable to control himself from lashing out. Here’s the most powerful man on Earth-to be unable to take a joke. Of course Baldwin came back telling Trump that he intends to keep hitting him as long as Trump refuses to release his tax returns – Good going Alec Baldwin!

The Trump Fan is not concerned with whatever Trump does or the implications of his anticipated Policies because they’re fans of the man and that’s who they voted for, so whatever he does or says doesn’t mean anything, that is, until some of the consequences of Trump’s Presidency comes to their front door in the form of loss Health Care, Continuing Low Wages, Loss of Important Social Programs, Public Education, and his tendency towards War. This country now has a Leader about to take Office that has the whole world scared – and with good reason.