'The Man With The 132-Lb. Scrotum': Surgery Changes Wesley Warren Jr.'s Life (VIDEO)

It's a title that no one would probably want, but 49-year-old Wesley Warren Jr. holds the title for "largest testicles in the world." The TLC special "The Man With The 132-Lb. Scrotum" took a look at how Warren had to adapt to his awkward anatomy, and the steps that could be taken to improve his life.

Warren suffered from massive scrotal lymphedema, a rare condition in which his scrotum would not stop swelling. He was gaining about 3 pounds of mass per month. Completely unable to wear regular pants, Warren wore an extra-large hooded sweatshirt upside down to cover his scrotum. He had to give up on work and rarely left his home.

“I miss just doing simple things, such as going to the post office and shopping at the supermarket," Warren said. "I miss not being able to drive if I want to. It’s almost like being in prison, in solitary confinement.”

Warren's affliction started in 2008, but the why of it remains a mystery. Warren traced the swelling back to a morning when he accidentally slammed his leg down on his testicles. Thankfully, though, a doctor in California was able to come to his aid. Offering to do the surgery needed for free, the doctor successfuly removed the 132.5-lb. growth after 13 hours in the operating room.

Now, it's been five months since his surgery, and Warren told HuffPost Live that he found the special hard to watch. He called it "frighteningly real." But, he feels like he's been given a new lease on life since his surgery.

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