The Many Dances of Parenting

The Chicken Dance: I learned this dance when we were released from the hospital. I remember looking at the nurse and thinking, "Really? You're letting us take this baby home? But we have no idea what we're doing!"
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Exhausting, exhilarating and exciting... parenting is hectic and sometimes feels like a non-stop party.

In all of this activity, parenting teaches us many things including dances.

Don't believe me?

Here are the dances that you'll learn once you sign up for the epic dance lessons of parenting.

1. The Chicken Dance.

I learned this dance when we were released from the hospital. I remember looking at the nurse and thinking, "Really? You're letting us take this baby home? But we have no idea what we're doing!"

I was right in thinking such things too. It took us almost three weeks to build up the nerve to bathe our baby for the first time. The experience of bathing her scared us so much that afterwards we bathed her only once a week.

I remember being nervous about so many things. In fact, I Googled things daily:

  • What is a serious fever for a baby?

  • What do you do if your baby isn't pooping?
  • Is there something wrong with your baby if they sleep too much?
  • We were also the parents who rushed our baby to the emergency room because she wouldn't stop crying.

    Yes, the newborn stage was definitely the most fearful time of parenthood.

    2. The Limbo

    The dance of babyhood. You have to learn how to bend over backwards for this new little person in your life. Midnight feedings, poops in the bathtub, colic, gas, spit-ups, crying jags, and diaper blow-outs... this is life with a baby. Flexibility is a must!

    3. The Robot

    This dance spans over the next three years of a child's life. Routines and schedules... schedules and routines. The monotony can drive a parent crazy, but we do it because it's necessary and our kids are happiest when they know what to expect.

    This stage also includes a bit of the Running Man; you're constantly moving, but it feels like you're never getting anywhere!

    4. The Polka.

    This dance takes place from the age of 5 to 10. This stage can be a blast! Your child can do a lot of things by themselves, but they're not old enough to be embarrassed about spending time with their over-the-hill folks. This is the time of board games, movies, chats and fun.

    However, this is also the time of busy schedules, birthday parties, play dates and extra-curricular activities. The hustle and bustle can be exhausting and dizzying.

    5. Breakdancing

    The dance of the pre-teen and teen years. First, you're standing up and then next thing you know, you're spinning around on the floor with your feet up in the air. You may have to work your parenting magic with the "worm" and wiggle your way into your child's affections.

    This dance is draining and takes a serious amount of skill. If you can be spontaneous, flexible and have the ability to improvise, you just might survive.

    6. The Waltz

    Ah, the dance of all dances. Your kids are out of the house and you get to watch them raise their own children. You suddenly feel skilled, accomplished and dignified in the decades of work you put into your parenting career.

    So, there you have it... the dances of parenthood. Each dance needs time, practice and patience. The dance can't be rushed. Each step is important and just when you think you're done one dance, another one starts.

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