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The Map Out Of Doomsville

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Losing a job isn't fun. But instead of wallowing in Doomsville, you must see it as a new road of opportunity, leading you to that career you've always wanted.

Be honest with yourself! Did your ex-job pay your bills, yet empty your soul? Instead of earning a living - were you merely earning an earning? If so, this treacherous economy might have served you up a wonderful chance to head towards doing what you love and making even more money.

According to Jonathan Fields, author of Career Renegade: How To Make A Great Living Doing What You Love, "Promises have been broken on a scale we haven't seen since the Great Depression. If you lulled yourself into believing that a honking pile of money or a seemingly Teflon job was your ticket to security, you're likely smack in the middle of a really rude awakening."

Fields shares these 7 critical actions to get you out of Doomsville and aimed rightly towards a happier future:

1. Don't Freak Out - Remember, you may have left your job, but everything that's gotten you this far, your skills, abilities, knowledge, drive, work ethic and relationships, go with you.

2. Own up to your passion--We all know what we really want to do, we just don't know how to earn a living doing it, so we pretend we don't know. Time to step up and give it life.

3. Research your renegade path--Given the right tools, technology and information, now nearly any passion can be turned into a viable living, often from your kitchen table and at little expense or risk.

4. Speeducate yourself--It's never been easier to bone up on any body of knowledge or skillset in very little time, if you know where to look, both on and offline. And, often, it's even free.

5. Turn out your tribe--Tap the blogosphere and social media to showcase your mastery and your passion, build a personal brand and drive future clients, partners or employers to you.

6. Rally your rabbis--Present the case of a lifetime to rally the support of those closest to you and connect with mentors and "rabbis" who've done what you want to do.

7. Master your mind--Cultivate a daily mindset-enhancement practice to help manage stress and keep you focused, motivated and moving aggressively forward.


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