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The Mark Foley, Ann Coulter, Fox News Love Triangle

The Mark Foley, Ann Coulter, Fox News Love Triangle
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Fox host John Gibson and frequent Fox guest Ann Coulter pick up Brit Hume's left off, trying desperately to distance disgraced Republican Congressman Mark Foley from the Republican Party that protected him.

Ann Coulter finds it "incredible" that the Republican leadership knew about the Foley situation for months because "why wait until right before the election" as if the only reason this came out was because Republicans decided to let it. But Coulter is just a guest on the show. Worse is the host of the show, John Gibson, trying to link Foley's actions to the Democratic Party.

"Steve, are you saying that since there are a couple of Democrats who've admitted to more or less the same thing that Foley should've stayed on the ballot? Foley should've run?"

To the best of my knowledge he's referring to scandals over twenty years old, but I'm not really sure. At any rate, linking a Republican Congressman, protected by the Republican Party, to the Democrats whose only member on the Congressional Page committee was not given the information on Mark Foley, would be ridiculous coming from Coulter. When it comes from the host of the show it tells you everything you need to know about how Fox is more concerned with protecting the Republican Party then the serious issue of sexual predators preying on our children.

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