Mars One Mission Called 'Unsustainable,' And Here's Why

We might be able to live on Mars one day, but it won't be easy.

The finalists for the Mars One mission might want to think twice before accepting that one-way ticket to the red planet, according to Sydney Do, a graduate research fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mars One is an initiative to establish a permanent human settlement on the planet. But speaking to HuffPost Live on Wednesday, Do said that doing so would be "unsustainable" and "unfeasible" due to cost.

He explained:

A one-way mission inherently goes on forever, so as soon as the crew members land on the surface, you have to keep them alive for 50 to 70 years or however long you expect them to live. To keep the systems going, you need to continually send spare parts to the surface of Mars over time... the technology that is required is just not there yet.

Watch HuffPost Live's full conversation about Mars One here.

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