Matt Damon Gets Playful In Lighthearted 'The Martian' Promo

Matt Damon Gets Playful In Lighthearted 'The Martian' Promo

Oh, thank god. Finally, a space movie promo that isn't intense, terrifying or overly emotional.

We've all cried our fair share of tears in upsetting space movies (looking at you, "Interstellar") or lost our breath panicking at onscreen crises (hey "Gravity," "Alien" and literally every space movie). But thankfully, the first teaser from Ridley Scott's upcoming "The Martian" veers closer to the light-hearted and funny.

Matt Damon's NASA astronaut Mark Watney gives viewers a live streamed tour of their vessel, Hermes, in the video, introducing the members of his crew. There's Jessica Chastain's commander Melissa Lewis, Michael Pena's pilot Rick Martinez, Kate Mara's computer expert Beth Johanssen, Sebastian Stan's Chris Beck and Aksel Hennie's Alex Vogel. Sean Bean, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Donald Glover also appear in the film, though not in the new video.

But wait -- don't be fooled by this playful promo! "The Martian" is actually about Watney after he's abandoned on Mars by his crew, who believe him dead following a massive storm. So yes, there will likely be anxiety attacks and tears after all.

"The Martian" opens Nov. 25.

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