'The Maryland Mammal Menagerie' in Towson, Maryland


In the bustling Baltimore-Washington area, nature possesses a seemingly magic quality, rendering it hyper-real. The paradox is that nature, though natural, feels unnatural. Seen as rare and mysterious, wild animals often take on a mythological quality in the minds of urban and suburban dwellers. What they may not realize is that wildlife is everywhere.


'The Maryland Mammal Menagerie,' an installation for the Art On The Trail initiative at Lake Roland Park in Towson, Maryland, portrays three species native to the Baltimore area: the white-tailed deer, the red fox, and the gray squirrel. Each silhouette is covered in locally sourced ground littering to give park visitors a sense of Maryland's natural textures.


In 2015, my proposal for "The Maryland Mammal Menagerie" was one of six chosen for Art On The Trail. The installation will be on display until it gradually returns to the earth.