'The Masked Singer' Unmasks Alien And It's Out Of This World

Her powerful family ties couldn't save her from elimination.

The Alien’s invasion of “The Masked Singer” is over.

The woman masquerading as the extraterristrial on Fox’s costumed celebrity singing competition was voted off on Wednesday’s show and had to reveal herself.

That leaves the Lion, Rabbit, Bee, Peacock and Monster left.

So who was the unearthly performer who bared her true identity? Well, check out her clue intro for some hints. There’s one part that reveals her birth year. 

Then watch her sing Elle King’s “Ex’s & Oh’s.”

She apparently has some author cred, as revealed here.

Panelists Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger had already guessed correctly ― but the unmasking still produced suspense for many:

It was Jackson family member and singer La Toya Jackson, Michael’s older sister, who’s now 62.

“The reason I did this actually is because people have a tendency to prejudge you and the way you sing,” she said afterward. ”... And they compare you to other people in your family, and I just wanted to do it and see how far I’d go.”

Jackson joins recent “The Masked Singer” departures Ricki Lake and Tori Spelling.

Au revoir, Alien.

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