'The Masked Singer' Unmasks The Poodle And You'll Never Guess Who (Spoiler Alert)

One panelist worked closely with the star and regretted not figuring it out.

The Poodle revealed herself on “The Masked Singer” Wednesday, and panelist Ken Jeong quickly lamented not guessing who it was. “I am so dumb!” the comedian said.

So, why would Jeong be so hard on himself?

We’ll get to that in a minute. First, check out the Poodle’s last performance before being eliminated. It’s a rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.”

Here are a few hints previously dropped about the Poodle on the popular new show, in which panelists try to guess the identity of celebrities who sing in concealing costumes. Poodle likes to take on different characters onstage and is known for a different talent than her musical family, according to TooFab. On Wednesday, the word “justice” came up, the outlet reported.

“Tonight in my new persona, I’ll be soaring to new heights, despite it being my biggest fear,” the Poodle said in her clue package before performing, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Any guess? Ready for the reveal?

Comedian Margaret Cho was the Poodle.

And Jeong was understandably gobsmacked. Cho played Jeong’s sister in an episode of his “Dr. Ken” sitcom. Jeong called her a pioneer in Asian-American comedy. “You are the reason I am a comedian,” Jeong said after the reveal in the clip, which can be seen up top.

Poodle is the fourth singing celebrity to be unmasked on the show and ushered out. NFL great Terry Bradshaw, in the deer costume, got the boot last week.

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