'The Masked Singer' Unmasks Unicorn And The Moment Is Magical (Spoiler Alert)

The mystery performer was a familiar face for fans of '90s television.

It was legendary while it lasted, Unicorn.

The woman wearing the costume of the mythical beast was finally revealed on “The Masked Singer” Wednesday.

And it was ...

Well, first you have to see the big clue of the night on the Fox singing competition. Unicorn brought out an old-fashioned typewriter and said it created magic. She previously said she was from Beverly Hills.

 She sang “I Love It,” which includes the lyric, “I’m a ’90s bitch.”

Ready? Here’s the big moment, which came after Unicorn was last in the voting. 

It was “Beverly Hills 90210” star Tori Spelling. The typewriter belonged to her father, Aaron Spelling, who produced the iconic ’90s show and many other programs.

Props to “Masked Singer” panelist Ken Jeong for guessing right this time, after misfiring on the previous week’s unmasking of the Poodle. Poodle turned out to be comedian Margaret Cho, who appeared as Jeong’s sister on his own sitcom.

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