'The Masked Singer' Unmasks Final 3 Celebrities And It's Tri-umphant (Spoilers)

The Bee, Peacock and Monster take it off -- and one was crowned champion.

This masquerade was a ball.

“The Masked Singer,” Fox’s Halloween-every-week singing competition, unmasked its final three costumed contestants on Wednesday.

The Peacock, Bee and Monster battled it out, and the Monster won!

Oh wait, that doesn’t really tell you much. You want to know the celebrities behind the masks, right?

Let us proceed:

The Bee finished third in the voting and had to reveal herself first.

Most of the show’s panelists correctly guessed the Bee was singer Gladys Knight, but it it was still cool to see the 74-year-old “Empress of Soul” get a warm reception when she took off the mask.

Then it was the Peacock’s turn. Props to panelist Nicole Scherzinger for getting this one right.

It was Donny Osmond. Couldn’t they have dressed him as a puppy, you know, like “Puppy Love”?

Then came time for the winning Monster to reveal the human within.

It was rapper and singer T-Pain.

“Suck it everybody who told me I couldn’t sing!” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I just won a singing competition!”