The Masks Fall

So this is what it's come to. Republicans are so desperate, so removed from reality, so afraid of losing power, they're now attacking the handicapped.
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So this is what it's come to. Republicans are so desperate, so removed from reality, so afraid of losing power, they're now attacking the handicapped. Right wing spokeshole Rush Limbaugh--hillbilly heroine addict and privileged millionaire that avoided any real prosecution for crimes for which an ordinary black kid would be in jail--attacked Michael J. Fox. Why? Because as a citizen of the United States of America with Parkinson's disease Mr. Fox decided to use his celebrity to endorse a candidate that endorses research that could one day spawn a treatment for his illness. Rush's response? Fox is faking it, making it up, didn't take his meds, using his handicap.

Yes, it's horrific, but in a way, it's a good thing. How? Because the curtain is being drawn back each day on these despots, and the faces that Americans are seeing, not Republicans, not Democrats, but Americans are faces of people of no compassion, no moral values, faces of people that try and bed 16 year old kids, faces of people that lie, faces of people that only care about their jobs and not their country.

Rush Limbaugh is a soulless drug addict with no courage, no conviction, a large lump of coal polluted by success and power. He champions a party of bloated individuals, fat on the gristle of mostly lower class kids dying in Iraq, drinking the sweat of the working poor with no health insurance, sipping the blood of the 15-20 million gays and lesbians in this country that they bash at will when campaigns are sagging, a party of neoconservative parasites that have attached themselves to America and won't rest until it is devoid of any real hope or promise.

And they are unashamed in their hideousness. Limbaugh not only refuses to apologize, but stands by every vitriolic, misguided word. Just like our President. On Wednesday, Oct. 25th, he held a press conference where he played semantics with the war in Iraq. He claims to be setting benchmarks to measure success, benchmarks to be met in a timely fashion; read "timetable." His entire press conference was an exercise in undiagnosed mental illness. He is completely delusional. He looked at the cameras and said, and I quote, "We're winning, and we will win, unless we leave before the job is done. And the crucial battle right now is Iraq. And as I said in my statement, I understand how tough it is, really tough. It's tough for a reason; because people understand the stakes of success in Iraq. And my point to the American people is, is that we're constantly adjusting our tactics to achieve victory."

How does "constantly adjusting" fit in to "staying the course" and how do "benchmarks" with a "12-18 month timeline" not equal a timetable? It doesn't you poor misguided soul. Not only was the entire "logic" of his press conference flawed, it was nonexistent. How does he know how tough it is in Iraq? How often does he go? Are his daughters there, like so many other's daughters are?

The President has undiagnosed disassociative disorder, in my humble, non-medical opinion. He cannot discern the truth from facts right in front of him. He actually thinks we're winning. How on Earth can we let this man stay in office, he's gone mad, he's Dr. Strangelove. They've all gone mad. And as they go mad, their true faces emerge.

And the masks keep falling off. Limbaugh's did, and Bush's is crumbling. He stands by Rumsfeld, when Rumsfeld should be fired. But when asked about that, he says, "Wait a minute, let me say -- the ultimate accountability rests with me. That's the ultimate -- you're asking about accountability, that's -- rests right here. It's what the 2004 campaign was about. If people want to -- if people are unhappy about it, look right to the President."

Well there we have it, Ms. Pelosi. You can no longer say you won't impeach if you take over Congress. The President just said that the ultimate accountability for all the dead, all the mistakes, they all lay with him. Well then he must go.

And the nastiness isn't new, they're just powerdrunk and don't care. Losing a Tennessee Senate race, how about playing the whole race card, using suggestions of interracial relationships and other despicable behavior, wanting to give abortion pills to school kids, taking money from porn producers funded by Republicans and none of it backed up by fact. Now it's being pulled, but damage has been done, and they could care less. They'll stop at nothing.

I hate the good and evil classifications, but these people are evil by definition. According to Webster, evil is, "profoundly immoral and malevolent." Well, bashing a Parkinsons victim, lying to Americans and then saying afterwards that hey, I'm responsible for all this, lying about candidate's behavior, telling 16 year old boys to strip while their mother is in the next room, covering that up, taking dirty money from Abramoff...on and on the litany of high crimes and misdemeanors go. These people aren't just soulless, they're just plain evil and I, for one, am not afraid to say it.

Go ahead, vilify Democrats because the more you do it, the more your dirty faces are shown under your oh-so-good masks. Your media spokespeople are automatons that have no regard for truth or passion, your candidates are slimy and lacking any morality and your officials in office are mentally challenged goof balls that fly in the face of reason, knowing the truth and trying to distort it just so they can win.

Thank God for Karma. Rush has already gone deaf because of his drug use, and if there is a God, well, let's just say I'd be screened for Parkinsons often if I were him or his loved ones. Bush has a special placed reserved for him in the Universal waiting room for despots, along with his entire cabinet of sycophants, people like Condi who buy Ferragamo shoes while people of her same color died on rooftops. That's when her mask came off.

Their actions are indefensible, and if you try, you seriously need to examine what it is that beats inside your chest, a heart, or just a lump of muscle incapable of any real life, any real feeling, any real connection to the people you claim to want to help and govern.

Rush Limbaugh is not an abhoration, he's the norm for his party. The people that put these despicable ads together are the norm. The people that ignore the cries of the poor while giving tax breaks to the rich are the norm. Normalcy for these neocons is heinousness to the rest of us.

Take a good look America. The masks are coming off, and I'm not sure the faces under them are even human. Are these the people you want running your lives, your government, your country?

Halloween is just a week away, but who needs ghouls and ghosts. The most frightening thing in the world is a neocon in power, in Congress, the Senate, the White House, the court or behind a microphone. But like most monsters, when confronted, they cower.

It's time to drive the monsters back under the bed and look at these people for the self-absorbed power crazed immoral sub humans that they have proved to be. Yes, the sight is horrible, but we've closed our eyes to their atrocities long enough. It's time to face the demons and drive them back in their own personal hell--obscurity. Their biggest fear is that no one will listen, no one will follow, no one will support them. Without our energy they have nothing to drain and survive. Like most parasites, they die if the hosts can remove the plague. Well, time to RID the U.S. of neoconservatus parasitus. Like the wicked queen, when you show them their true faces in the mirror, they can't take their own hideousness and wither. So, when they look in our faces, let's let their true reflection stare back at them in hopes that once they see themselves for what they truly are, they'll flee. But even if they don't, once we see them for what they really are, they'll be powerless. And to them, that's a fate worse than death, a fate it's time for them to endure.

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