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The Mean Out Of Mean Girl

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As you get older, you realize more and more some people don't have a nice bone in their body. Some people hide behind the Internet and bully and talk down on others because they feel bad about themselves. One thing we should take with us daily is to say something kind to at least one person a day because you don't know what they could be going through and what one nice thing can do to change their day.

Being a blogger, you see all style of blogs and people and you interact with people you may not have before. The opportunity to connect with others who do similar work as you and share the same passion should be fun times. Although, you have some bloggers who click off because for some reason they think they are better than other bloggers when in reality, we all do the same thing and nothing grants you the ability to claim you're "better." In my opinion it doesn't matter who has been doing it longer or who has the most followers, it's about being authentic to your readers and yourself. This is where taking the "mean" out of mean girls come in to place.

Since starting my blogging journey I have met some really great people and of course some who I wouldn't dare work with and its honestly because of their attitude. Always remember a first impression is a lasting one. I say this as, I met one person, Stephanie who blogs at Geek Glam and she is truly a sweetheart and a real down to earth person. Attending different events and talking with her on different occasions we have always had one thing in common on things we wanted to change in the blogging world and that was taking the "mean" out of the mean girls. We both felt bloggers of all niches can come together, network and participate in different activities without it being a competition and thats what we sought out to do. In order to do this we partnered on a fabulous project and have created the network, Dallas Blogger Collective. Our mission is to bring bloggers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area together while also opening opportunities to network and meet new people, some who could possibly become friends outside of events. Since following the Kind Campaign, we have decided to include their trending mission and let it speak for our group, "You Can Sit With Us".

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