The Meaning of Inclusive Capitalism in the Words of Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation


To me, inclusive capitalism is an economic and social system in which markets perform and deliver shared prosperity. It embraces an evolving idea of free enterprise - a new paradigm in which a robust corporate sector guided by effective public policies works to reduce inequality in society.

For decades, businesses focused almost exclusively on maximizing shareholder value. This was the measure by which they judged success and failure. Now, however, many firms are thinking about how to optimize other kinds and categories of value too - whether by better stewarding natural resources, protecting the dignity of workers, or ensuring that local communities benefit from economic growth.

Today, the biggest threat to justice - the antithesis of justice - is inequality. Inclusive capitalism serves to narrow disparities rather than feeding on them.

It embraces the freedom and ingenuity of the markets, while also ensuring that people and communities are resilient in the face of instability. And it consciously acknowledges that inequality is a threat to capitalism and to the democratic societies in which capitalism thrives.