The Meaning of Inclusive Capitalism in the words of David Giampaolo

David Giampaolo
Chief Executive, Pi Capital
Board Member, Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism

It is our moral, social and financial responsibility to grow the economic cake in a manner that gives the largest number of people realistically possible a chance to better both their own lives and those of their families.

As business owners we are in a privileged position. We must use this position well and exercise our responsibility with judgment. Our prosperity is built upon the strength of those who work for and with us: it is incumbent on us to ensure that all are valued, that all have the capacity to adapt and engage, and that all share the benefits of success.

The world around us is changing fast. At the core of the inclusive capitalism movement is the need for much better information and education. It is important that people understand the impact of technology and globalisation on our society and that they are equipped to prosper in a world that may, in the future, look very different to the one that we know now.

In such a world - where we will likely see that the few are rewarded disproportionately to the many - we will need to find new solutions, new ways to bind us together. We cannot and should not seek to isolate ourselves. We are all in this together: that is the essence of inclusive capitalism.