The meditation benefit you haven't heard of

There's one benefit of meditation that isn't talked about much.

We've all heard that meditation can help us relieve stress, become more resilient, deepen concentration and improve mental clarity. But did you know that it can also increase your sense of self-worth?

When I first got into meditation, I had no idea that was a possibility; I was just trying to deal with stress. You can imagine my surprise when, with time and practice, my sense of self naturally began to evolve and my negative self-image was shed to uncover a new perspective on who I am.

This transformation ultimately boils down to two things: Meditation can help us see our thoughts for what they are, and it can also help us experience connection to source.

The Transformation of Thinking

Meditation inherently allows us to become more aware of, and familiar with, our thought patterns – both the negative ones and the positive ones. Becoming more aware of our thinking helps us change how we relate to it.

Instead of blindly believing our thoughts, we begin to see that we're separate from them and that we don't have to define ourselves based on the ideas in our heads.

For anyone who has a strong negative voice inside their head (like I did), this is huge.

Thoughts like, Who do you think you are? You can't do that! no longer rule your life. Instead of letting the automatic, unconscious voice inside your head dictate everything for you, you become capable of rising above it and making your own decisions.

You stop letting life happen to you and start creating it for yourself. And there’s nothing more empowering than that.

Connection to Source

As for experiencing connection to source: If you've tried meditation and never experienced this, don't be alarmed or wonder what's wrong with you (I can tell you right now there's nothing wrong with you).

It can take time and practice to get to this sweet spot, and it isn't something that happens on a predictable schedule. It's a gift that sometimes shows up when you practice (ironically, usually when you let go of trying to get there).

Inside each of us, at the core, there exists a place of pure stillness. It isn't something that most of us access regularly because it's so deep within us and we tend to spend most of our time closer to the surface. Call it your soul, call it your higher self, call it source energy, call it whatever you will, we all have it and meditation is one path to experiencing it.

That experience is transcendent. Within the stillness, there’s a foundation of unconditional love and connectedness to everything in the universe.

You feel like you belong and like everything is exactly as it’s meant to be.

There’s also a deep understanding that, no matter what happens, everything happens for the best and will be ok in the end.

The Rising of Worthiness

When you combine the freedom that comes with not having to listen to the voice inside your head with that sense of connectedness and the knowing that everything will always be ok, it changes everything.

Your perspective on what’s possible for your life can’t help but be altered by that experience.

You realize you don’t have to listen to the voice inside your head.

You stop constantly beating yourself up and feeling angry and frustrated with yourself.

You develop kindness and compassion for yourself, as well as others.

You realize you’re being infinitely guided in each moment and that all you have to do to tune into this guidance is listen within.

You stop defining yourself based on the mistakes and disappointments of the past.

You see the possibilities expand for your future.

You realize that your worthiness was never in question and that the only thing that ever was in question was your capacity to experience it.

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Aili Kuutan knows how frustrating meditation can be for beginners. She created Experience the Magic of Meditation to help you get into the sweet spot so that you can experience the magic for yourself.

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