The Merits Of Chip-Readers

Sure, chip-readers are a nuisance -- they're far too time consuming and force you to make more awkward small talk with the cashier than you'd like. However, there are more benefits than one would think. Besides the obvious increase in security, here are some other pluses to chip-readers:

- It can be used an excuse for any situation. (i.e., Sorry I'm late, I had to use the chip on my card at CVS.)

- You can complete an online master's degree during the time it takes for your chip to be read.

- You can finish that novel you started a while ago but just can't seem to find the time to finish.

- You can knit a scarf for your niece.

- It's never too early to start your holiday shopping. Get it out of the way and order all of your gifts for this year online! (Don't forget Aunt Helen this time!)

- You can finally learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet.

- Take a load off! You finally have some time to relax -- read the newspaper, have a snack, make a friendship bracelet for your high-school best friend.

- Acquire a new hobby, get sick of doing it, pick up a new hobby. Rinse and repeat until your card-chip is read.

- You can read someone's Facebook diatribe on cultural appropriation.

- You can learn how to play the oboe.

- You can build a ship in a bottle.

- You can call your mother.