The Metaphysical Virus

The Metaphysical Virus
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This winter featured an unusually prolonged virus/flu season. I don’t know if statistics bear it out but people got sick for 4-6 weeks and sometimes the malaise hung on longer. Features of this virus included body aches, congestion, stomach upset, fever or subnormal. temperature along with depression, despondency and anxiety. The virus seemed to come in waves and then relaxed its grip only to reappear. By definition: “virions attack the cell and take over its machinery to carry out their own life processes of multiplication and growth.” Good science but….

I am here to tell you it’s the Death Ray, a metaphysical virus. A nefarious villain (there are many examples of people in the news that fit this description) has pointed this ray to earth to distort reality, maybe just for kicks, or for the pleasure of menace. The DR has taken over life processes for its own life processes. Even when there are no physical symptoms the Metaphysical Virus can bend a usual sunny disposition towards the dark, dismal and fearful. The cure? We could take a pill. We could take a vacation. We could work on de-anxietizing ourselves. But I think this Death Ray has to be defeated.

Some of my readers know about my Astro Heroes project. The series tells the tale of 12 intrepid orphans who become Super Astro Heroes based on the qualities of their star sign. Their purpose is to defeat the DISTORTER, Nefos, align with Zalinda, the HARMONIZER, be true to their own talents…and save the world. By fighting evil with their own talents a resonance of truth and gong of harmony naturally rings out. And the distortion crumbles…also the Death Ray virus, metaphysical or otherwise.

The Libra hero, Yin Yang, is the hero we need right now. He is Chinese and a master of psychic as well as physical martial arts. His great talent is balancing opposites. He can take the enemy’s energy, turn it against him and neutralize it at the same time. YIN YANG is an energy boomerang; and after the contest leaves the enemy better off than the violence or attacker warrants. I suggest that we follow Yin Yang’s model and turn this distortion towards clarity and harmony. May not happen tomorrow but the attempt is what we need.

No time for helpless and hopeless. There are so many things that we can’t control; difficulties are thrust into our consciousness whether we want them or not with the result that our circle of control has grown smaller and smaller. What we CAN do is hew to the known, visualize a different tomorrow, and hang on.

At this point in any discussion of the current social, political, vibrational climate most people in the healing and astrological community speak of the energy evolution that is leading the planet forward so we can become more spirit driven rather than ego driven. This is true BUT rather vague. How can we get from this point to spiritual evolution? For now I believe people must go inside themselves and discover pockets of ease and joy. Find a protection packet against the Death Ray. Part of this package consists of the basics: eat well, sleep well, and daily create islands of good feelings. Even if the good mood is five minutes it creates enough juice in the body to defeat the metaphysical and/or physical virus.

Consider the super weapons of YIN YANG: a magic scale to unerringly weigh the difference between truth and lies, a crystal pendulum to mark the balance point, and an unwillingness to give up on relationships between people. With balance we can take over our own cellular machinery and use it for our own multiplication and life processes.

<p>The scales of truth and lies</p>

The scales of truth and lies

<p>The balance point</p>

The balance point

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