The Mexican Ingredient You Need in Your Life

The Mexican Ingredient You Need in Your Life
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If you haven't tried Tepache then all the tacos and guacamole in the world won't save you from missing out. This Mexican beverage is taking its place in the US as another beloved ingredient, and it also is great for cocktails.

The pineapple-based liquid is the base of a new cocktail from Betony called the Tigrita. And it's not only delicious, but it is a cocktail that gives back. It will be the signature cocktail next week at Share our Strength's Taste of the Nation in New York City.

So watch the video above to learn all about Tepache and how to make this delicious cocktail. Or follow the recipe below!

Betony's Tigrita


25 ml Mezcal

35 ml Tepache

15 ml Fresh lime juice

15 ml Agave nectar

5 ml Orange oleo saccharum

1 wedge Lime


1. Combine liquid ingredients in the large shaker tin.

2. Fill small tin with cubed ice, shake cold.

3. Fill mule cup with cold ice.

4. Double strain liquid into copper mug.

5. Garnish with lime wedge.

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