Axl Is A Cautionary Tale For College Freshman On 'The Middle'

This week, it all started falling apart for Axl in college on "The Middle." While he'd ridden high on his athletic prowess throughout high school, that wasn't helping him anymore. One by one, his teachers told him he needed to drop their class as there was absolutely no way he could pass them.

Desperate, Axl turned to little brother Brick for help in studying -- though it was still too late. And, in a rare moment of clarity, Axl realized what he'd done. He was showing Brick his philosophy notes, which had stars drawn in representing where the girls in his class sat. Proud that he'd managed to get a particular girl's number, Axl suddenly realized that he was blowing it.

"You should really learn from my mistakes, Brick," Axl said. It's a hard lesson many incoming college freshman are probably facing right now. Too much freedom leads to too much goofing around and partying and way too little studying and suddenly you're staring down the barrel of flunking classes in your first semester of college.

In the end, Brick was able to help his brother ... fill out the paperwork to drop all but one of his classes. Now comes the terrifying part where Axl has to tell his parents what's happened.

"The Middle" airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.



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