'The Million Second Quiz' Premiere: Ryan Seacrest Hosts Nonstop Game Show Action (VIDEO)

This is not "American Idol." But it was Ryan Seacrest introducing his latest gig in a very similar fashion. It may have been the premiere of NBC's new game show, "The Million Second Quiz," but viewers were joining the game already in progress. In fact, the game is probably still in progress as you're reading this. Like "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" on steroids, "MSQ" runs 24 hours a day for the next ten days. A new episode will also air each night for the same span.

Contestants go head-to-head answering trivia questions inside of a giant hourglass in the middle of New York City. The challenger is competing to sit in the "Money Chair." If they earn their way into the chair, they'll make $10 for every second they're in the chair. Once they're knocked out, their total earnings will either position them in "Winner's Row" or send them home. The people with the four highest scores will essentially live on "Winner's Row" until they're knocked out, or the game ends.

During the prime-time broadcast, the challenger in the chair faces off against one of those winners for a chance to knock them out of the game. If the challenger succeeds, the "Winner's Row" contestant is out and the challenger stays in the chair. If the "Winner's Row" contestant wins, though, they can actually get back into the "Money Chair" and add to their total.

There's even a fun added benefit for fans at home. Viewers can download the MSQ app for a chance to compete live on the show. If your score is high enough, you could be chosen as a "Line Jumper" and find yourself flown to New York for a chance at the "Money Chair."

E! Online's Jeffrey Wisenbaugh pointed out that the show is notable both for running 24 hours a day as well as offering the largest prize in game show history: $10 million. The four players standing in "Winner's Row" at the end of the show will compete for the grand prize.

How many viewers will still be around by then? TV Line's Kim Roots ran a poll for her readers to grade the premiere. The majority gave the episode a very average "C." The nonstop game show action continues every night -- except for Sunday (night football) -- at 8 p.m. ET on NBC until Thursday, September 19.

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