The Millions More Movement

Through our work with The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, we have made progress in encouraging the building of mutually respected dialogue between African Americans and Jewish Americans. Recent statements by Abraham Foxman, the National Director of the ADL, calling on African American Leaders "to reconsider their support of the Millions More Movement" and the Washington, DC 10th anniversary commemoration of the Million Man March on October 14-16,2005 are disturbingly unwarranted.

Foxman's renewed public pressure on national African American leaders will only help to increase and spread anti-Semitism rather than help to end it. I am writing Foxman a letter asking him to refrain from pressuring African American leaders to denounce Minister Farrakhan and the Millions More Movement. Foxman rather should join us in fostering a constructive dialogue that will lead to the improvement of relations between Blacks and Jews.

The 10th anniversary of the Million Man March is an opportunity for establishing a greater mutual understanding, compassion and respect between African Americans and Jewish Americans. Ten years ago the Million Man March not only had a positive message, but also it had a profound and positive impact on millions of African Americans and others across America and throughout the world.

The planned Millions More Movement this year is about the mutual love and respect of all people and the uplift of African Americans and others out of the devastation of poverty and ignorance.

For the record, we do not and would not support or endorse any person's viewpoint or statement that is anti-Semitic, racist or hateful. Our work, commitment, and lives are dedicated to the uplift of all people through love, goodwill, equality, peace and justice for all. Foxman's tactics are counterproductive and dangerous. We should not forget what happened in the wake of his tactical miscalculation in opposing the viewing of the Passion of Christ.

Foxman's antics could change the focus of the Millions More Movement from love and taking personal responsibility to a focus on defiance, which could lead to a debilitating surge in anti-Semitism.