The Mind Of God

Throughout our Universe is a Presence that we ignore. We unconsciously live and create our days without even embarking on the thought of the magnificence and power that lives in and through this beautiful world. The breeze, we take for granted. The oceans, the land, the people, plants and everything that surrounds us is here because of an Infinite Intelligence - The Mind of GOD.

The Mind of God is forever being shown in everything that is surrounding our lives. To begin with, take a look at nature. Do you stop and think about how these massive trees, the lungs of the world, are consistently reaching up to God? Everything is here for growth, including you.

Your growth is forever taking place, and if you know it or not, it is always taking you closer to God. That Mind, that Intelligence has placed all the Laws in the Universe to allow you to make choices (freewill) that will bring you closer to itself.

But you need make the decision. You can go against the flow of what you were Created to Be. Or you can reach to the Heavens and bring that down to earth, and by doing so, step into the Greatest Power that you have.

You were created by a thought of the Mind of God. You were a part of the vision of God. God wanting to experience and express life through creation. It is a magnificent creation!

The way God thinks is at lightning speed. Everything God has thought has been created. It is done. We, have that power to manifest too, although here on earth we have been given time. There is a lapse between what we can think and what we see manifest. The process is speeding up, but still we have that time, as we have the choice to create what it is we wish to experience. It is a dual earth.

What God thinks is great. It is the highest form of creation and it is instantly created in space. The whole of creation has been created. God knows it all. The Universal Mind is within everything you see and do. We should be looking around amazed by all. But we forget, we have been numbed to the greatness that resides here on earth.

This Intelligence is speaking to you all the time. Are you listening? Are you wanting to hear? Or are you trained by the thoughts of men that ran these countries many, many years ago?

It is time to wake up. Wake up to the truth about who you are. About who you were created to be. About the truth, that this universe is very much at the power of our minds. Yes, that greatness is being controlled by our consciousness, every part of it is a part that we have all created. Yes, God made the moon, the stars, everything that is beautiful, powerful and true, but we experience it the way we want to.

It's time to be blown away by the Greatness that surrounds us. It is time to tap into that Mind that lives in and through us, and listen to what it is telling us. Our potential is here!

Reach to the stars. Raise your arms. Be a tree, (sounds odd but it feels awesome, so do it!) and see how you feel. Feel the strength that you have been given. Each morning begin this way. Raise your arms up to the sky, feel God's Energy at your fingertips and feel and allow that essence to enter through your branches, I mean your arms :) and feel it through your cells. Draw it down, open your heart and connect it into the earth. Give the earth some love!

Then feed that energy to all around you. Walk with that strength. It is yours.
Breathe it in! Be Your Greatest!

With Love,
Maria xx

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