The Mindful Entrepreneur

The Mindful Entrepreneur
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One of my mantras is "Do not judge; be inspired." Judgment is part of human nature. But instead, it makes more sense to stop and be mindful of the way something works or is built and ask, "Why is it this way? Does it have to be?" Mindfulness comes when you just observe things in the moment. It's an incredible tool. I try to practice mindfulness everyday--stepping out of flow of what I'm doing for a brief time and just being in the moment, appreciating what's going on around me. When you can do that, you can see in a new way. Mindfulness creates fertile ground for inspiration. You become inspired to change things.

How many products, companies, and industries have started because someone saw past the judgement of a problem or an obstacle and had the audacity to say, "Can't we do this differently?"

When you are inspired everything becomes possible and passion becomes your fuel. It is a powerful state of mind to be in. However, if you are stuck in harsh judgment, you are shutting off possibilities around you.

The next time you are about to "judge" something, catch yourself and say, "What can I learn from this?" Committing to be more mindful can be the simple habit that changes your life.

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