'The Mindy Project': Danny Has The Best Secret Santa Gift Ever (VIDEO)

Underneath it all, Danny is a pretty sweet guy. On the latest episode of "The Mindy Project," he proved that he really cared about Mindy, even if he's not yet ready to admit it to himself. While she spent the half-hour trying, and ultimately succeeding in convincing Cliff to date her, Danny had mastered quite the unexpected skill.

It was his Secret Santa gift to Mindy, and while it may not have cost him anything, it certainly stole our hearts. "When you first started working here, you used to play this non-stop. It was the first thing about you that ever really annoyed me," Danny said. He then broke into the full choreography to Aaliyah's "Try Again."

“We gasped. We giggled. We swooned," wrote E! Online's Jenna Mullins. "Seriously, who knew Chris Messina had those moves in his arsenal?! And that chin stroke at the end? We died and then were reborn solely for the purpose of rewatching that little move 10 more times.”

That said, The AV Club's Gwen Ihnat is just ready for Danny to go all in for Mindy. "Danny’s bound to be a bit skittish after his marriage, but his uncomfortableness with Mindy’s closeness ... then his openness to being with her, and his obvious care for her in tonight’s episode, leaves the viewer as confused about his feelings as Mindy must be," he wrote. "Is he afraid of a relationship with her or terrified of love in general?”

"The Mindy Projecte" returns to Fox in January.

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