'The Mindy Project' Premiere: James Franco Vs. Mindy (VIDEO)

She really did it. "The Mindy Project" started with Mindy and Casey actually in Haiti, and she didn't totally hate it. She clearly wasn't loving it in the way that Casey was -- she's not a sunrise kind of girl -- but she was committed to it and seemed committed to him. Too bad her gall bladder had other ideas.

And so Mindy had to come home to New York. Once she was back and out of surgery, though, Casey and Mindy determined that she really needed to stay. She was a city girl, and this was where she was happiest. They vowed to make the long distance thing work, and so everything was great, right? Wrong!

There's the James Franco problem. While Dr. Lahiri was in Haiti, a new Dr. L moved into the practice, and into her office. Dr. Paul Leotard, played by Franco, is beloved by everyone in the office, which creates a bit of a problem between him and Mindy. One, she does NOT want to be Dr. "Big L." Two, this was her office first.

Mindy and Paul both declared their intentions to work at the practice, and thus, as TVLine's Kimberly Roots said, it was "OB-GYN game on!" This should be a fun rivalry to watch. Zap2It's Billy Niles wrote that there's obviously only room for one Dr. L -- and the show is called "The Mindy Project" -- but it should be fun to see how this rivalry finds its conclusion nevertheless.

Get ready for war on "The Mindy Project," Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

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