'The Mindy Project': Rap Duet Brings Mindy And Her Brother Closer (VIDEO)

'The Mindy Project': Awkward Brother-Sister Rap

On "The Mindy Project," Mindy’s little brother visited her and told her he wanted to drop out of college and become a rapper. Mindy was pretty mad at first, but then decided to support him -- she even sang backup for him a show when his singer canceled. Well ... sort of sang.

After some awkward brother-sister call and response, Mindy spit her own verse. “I got a case of the lonelys, brown Channing Tatum won’t you come and ... OK, I’m not saying that to my brother,” she rapped, before gently setting the mic on the ground.

Blast Magazine called the scene both touching and priceless. TVFanatic loved it too, though noted The Mindy Project still has a few kinks to work out, like giving its supporting characters more to work with.

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