The Mint Cleaner Is an Impressive Little Device

The broom is one of the most fundamental and iconic cleaning tools in American history. Brooms have been in our homes since before the 1800's and they have evolved considerably. Unfortunately, over the past two hundred years the average family has become increasingly busy. It would seem that each hour of the day is consumed with work, soccer games, parent teacher meetings, cooking and cleaning. We desperately endeavor to find ways to maximize our time. Especially -- when it comes to the chores of cleaning.

The automation of cleaning has evolved -- washing machines, dish washers, dryers and now electronic sweepers.

One electronic sweeper that caught my attention at the Pepcom trade show in New York City was -- the Mint Cleaner. When I first saw this unassuming device, I thought to myself -- how can this tiny little thing clean anything? The product manager understood my reservations and gladly demonstrated how the Mint Cleaner works. I have to say that I was curious but unconvinced. So Mint Cleaner was kind enough to send me home with a demo unit.

I have been using the Mint Cleaner for a few weeks and I am very impressed with this little guy. It does not vacuum -- which I thought I would have an issue with -- so it is very quiet. I normally turn it on before I head for bed. The only thing you have to supply is a Swiffer sheet. The Mint Cleaner will also mop your hard floors. On a single charge it will clean my entire first floor -- which is around 700 sq. ft.

And what is guiding this little cleaner around your house -- a NorthStar Navigation System. Yes, this small black cube is a GPS for the Mint Cleaner. I was not so impressed that the device cleaned a large room.  I was impressed that the Cleaner was able to enter rooms and clean each one. Using the NorthStar Navigation System the Mint Cleaner was able to find rooms and clean each one.

I can't help but say that I wish the Cleaner had a scheduling component. Other than that I would say that the Mint Cleaner is must have for the busy family. The device will run you $249.99 retail but you can pick one up at Amazon for $199.99. It might be on the expensive side but I think it's worth the time it will save you.

Here is a video from Mint Cleaner: