'The Mob Doctor' Star Zach Gilford Admits He Hated His Fiance Kiele Sanchez (Nikki) On 'Lost'

"Friday Night Lights" alum Zach Gilford has a lot going on: He's starring in a new Fox fall drama "The Mob Doctor" alongside Jordana Spiro (yes, another post-"FNL" series that has Dillon High School's quarterback Matt Saracen playing a doctor -- R.I.P., "Off the Map"), but he also recently got engaged to "The Glades" star Kiele Sanchez, who might still be best known as Nikki, one-half of "Lost's" ill-fated Nikki and Paolo storyline that enraged fans in the show's third season.

"We bought a house, got engaged and we're getting married at the end of the year -- she is the most amazing woman in the world," Gilford said at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour. But just because he's in love with Sanchez now doesn't mean he's forgiven her for her past TV indiscretions: He hated her character on "Lost," too.

"I still give her a hard time!," Gilford said with a laugh. "When we first met, I was like, 'I know you!' And I was like, 'I remember the first time I ever saw you on "Lost"' -- I was like, 'Who the f--- is this chick?! You think I wouldn't notice this hot female on the island?' Like you've just been bumbling around in the background for two years? No. We would notice you. All of a sudden, they're making a plan and she just comes up like, 'What are we doing?' [Laughs.] Wait, wait ... is she an Other? What is she? Oh no, you were on the plane?"

But with all of that behind them, would he want his real-life love to come guest star on his new show? Or vice versa? "We've always talked about it, even with me going to her show ['The Glades'], but like on her show, if I came and was like a bad guy or something ... it wouldn't be with her. But that'd be fun -- I'm always the good guy! I can be totally intimidating. If I can play a doctor, I can play a bad guy! [Laughs.]"

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