The Moment Cynthia Nixon Realized 'Sex And The City' Was More Than Just 'A Funny Show'

The HBO series made waves for its depiction of happily single women navigating the trenches of New York City.

The societal impact of "Sex and the City" seems obvious 10-plus years after its run on television, but for Cynthia Nixon, the show's significance truly came to light with a magazine cover in 2000.

"When the 'Sex and the City' women were on the cover of Time magazine with a headline that read, 'Who needs a husband?' -- that was a really stunning moment," the actress, who played Miranda Hobbes, recalled in a conversation HuffPost Live on Monday.

The cover story marked a departure from the series just "being, like, 'great show, great performance, funny'" and honored "the way in which we were interfacing with the culture at large and contributing with that conversation," Nixon explained. "Time magazine -- who would've thought!"

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