The Moment I Knew I Didn't Need To Diet (SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO)

Our readers have taken an interesting spin on our exciting new project, The Moment I Knew.

We had originally suggested you tell us about "The Moment I Knew I Had To Lose Weight," which brought us inspiring stories of people who have dramatically changed their lifestyles in order to get healthy. We're still excited to hear from you on that topic, but we've also been inspired by the personal and honest accounts from readers who told us about "The Moment I Knew I Didn't Need To Diet."

For many, losing weight can become an obsession, and often an unhealthy one. Reaching a healthy weight isn't about trying fad diet after trendy cleanse after "magic" pill -- it's about turning healthy choices into lifelong habits.

In this video, Nina tells us about how she threw out her scales to be a healthier role model for her two daughters. "I didn't want them growing up feeling this sort of constant, background hum of body anxiety, of feeling that their bodies were these imperfect things that needed constant alteration and work," she says.

Instead, she has learned to listen to her body to tell her when she's hungry and when she's full, and taught her daughters to do the same. She also says exercise is no longer "a grueling chore" but "done purely out of the joy of movement." She says her life has greatly improved since giving up dieting. "The best thing about it is seeing my girls growing confident every day and feeling proud in the space they inhabit."

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